Q: What is the advantage using cityshopper.ca to list my business?

A: Instant internet exposure to thousands of users and surfers, as well as all kinds of extra information you can provide your customers like hours of operation, photo gallery 360 virtual tour, Google maps and a wealth of other information.

Q: Why would I not use the yellow pages to list my business, that’s what I have always done in the past?

A: this is an easy one! A 1/8 page in the yellow pages can cost up to 800.00 per year 60-70 per month. Our largest package is only 220 per year! As well the ability to interact with your listing is incredible. Direct email contact from within your listing, and of course print ad is a thing of the past!

Q: do I need to own a website to use cityshopper.ca?

A: definitely not with our business level plan you get a mini 4 page website to add all of your information to. It’s like having your own site!

Q: I would like to have professional come out and photograph my business can you do that?

A: We have a professional property photographer on staff to provide this service. Prices are more affordable than you think please call us to book an appointment. We also can provide cost effective virtual tours to show off your business today!

Q:  how can I make a payment?

A: We accept payment of both credit cards (Visa or MasterCard) through our website also direct payment through PayPal.

Q: What happens if I am unhappy with the service?

A: if after trying us out for 5 days or less we would be happy to refund your purchase just contact us. (After 5 days of trying us no refund will be given)

Q: we would like to advertise on your homepage, what are the costs?

A: we have 3 separate advertising areas possible. Home page, general category advertising page, Specific category Page advertising. Call us for prices – call now before prices go up!

Q: Can I easily change any information on my site?

A: of course, you can go back and make any changes you would like to any part of your listing.

 Q: Where are you located?

A: we are a 100% Canadian owned and operated company, please Buy Canadian when possible!